My gf needed some movers for her new art studio, so after some research we decided to go with Sacramento Movers. This was definitely a great choice. The two movers who helped us, Slavic and Sergei, were kind, considerate, and professional. They took great care in moving things past all of the delicate art pieces that are in the common area of the studio. They were also very efficient and before we knew it, they were done. I would definitely recommend and repeat business with Sac Movers.

James R.

Best, easiest, fastest moving experience. Slavic and Andrei were GREAT!!! They showed up on time (even a couple minutes early.) Very fast and efficient and kind. They got all of my stuff packed up perfectly. Wrapped everything that needed to be wrapped. I felt that my belongings were very safe. I have never used a better moving company and won't use a different one! Thank you so much Slavic and Andrei!!!!!

Elysse C.

These guys did not stop moving.... even in the close to 100 degree heat! They helped take apart and put back together any furniture that needed to be and were gentle. They were amazing!!! Thank you!

Andrea C.

They were scheduled later in day but called an d said they could come earlier which was convenient. They wrapped everything that went in truck and secured each piece after loading. I had a large dining table that they disassembled quickly and reassembled. I never felt they were stalling as paid by the hour they worked quickly and efficiently. I had moved my own boxes earlier in the week so didn't need boxing services.I would recommend them.

Lizzy E.

Used these guys twice and they're great. I messed up my moving date the second time and they rescued the day. I thought I scheduled them for a Friday and was all ready to go at 9am, but when they didn't show I realized I actually scheduled it for Saturday. They had a 3pm opening and agreed to come that day. Thank you!

Suzanne T.

Sacramento Movers did such a great job a couple of years ago when I moved that I didn't hesitate to contact them again when I moved to a new location last month. Slavic, Vlad, Andrei and Sergei were the same crew that moved me both times. They are quick, efficient. They handled my items with care. The entire transaction from making the appointment for the move through closing out our contract was handled with top notch professionalism. If you need someone to move you, these guys are GREAT! They help alleviate the pain of moving.

Kathy P.

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